journal entry #4

For me good stories should always have surprising parts for both the readers and characters within the story. For example, we probably read that mike stuffed his pockets with diamonds without ike noticing and, that becomes a big issue later on. Another example would be, when a character goes off screen or dies and makes a comeback at the most dire time, all of which adds pizazz to the overall story. All stories need to have structure or else the reader won’t understand the order, to keep is short there should be a beginning, middle and end.

There is no one way in which a language looks and sounds, more arbitrary. However there are certain parameters to which most if not all languages follow. The first being, grammatical structures, syntax, and ways to make sentences need to be present and clearcut(although many languages have exceptions when it comes to changing the verb endings etc.). The second thing is that, it needs to be recognized and used by people, regardless of the population size. And last is the context the language takes place in, some languages even those made up have meaning or relate to a particular subject. For people familiar into sci-fi, those speaking the language of Klingon will understand and get symbols in their head of spaceships and other worlds.

Aja Martinez’s story confirms and diverges from my expectation. What makes her story good to read is the uniqueness of it, according to her, the culture is never considered on both the English and Spanish spectrum. So she is writing for a silent crowd that wants to simply be considered their own ┬ákind. Another good point to bring up is the historical context from which her problems stems from, further assisting the reader to fully grasp the overarching theme. The only downside to the story is the overuse of quotes; getting your point across using the words of a more credible person is great however, adding too much salt to the meat makes its taste bitter. She should use the quotes when discussing a fairly difficult concept or, a strong point using the modes of persuasion.

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  1. Ha! It’s interesting to read that you thought the quotes were too much. Maybe this is something we should talk about tomorrow. If we know more of the context in which she wrote this, maybe we could better understand her choice?

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